Next Generation Target Design

Our journey begins with the MITS, but it doesn’t end there. We are dedicated to bringing forth new ideas and tools that will revolutionize training. Live-fire systems, training systems and supporting systems – we aim to create tools that are advanced, intuitive and drive proficiency.

Custom Range Design

We have trained on a lot of amazing and challenging ranges during our service. We know how a range should flow, its key attributes and most importantly, what is needed to make an exciting, productive and safe range. We invite you to consider us when building your range.


With 20 years of service in the special operations community, we possess a strong knowledge in training. We have taught selection courses, ran large-scale unit exercises, created and tested new operational capabilities. The best way ZF Technical can give back is with the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in both combat and peacetime.

Consulting Services

We have extensive background in capability building and combat development. We understand requirements and the challenging road to get to the right solution. We have helped companies, national laboratories and military units with testing, evaluation, fielding and narrowing their focus in both short-term projects and long-term science and technology efforts.